Jackpot Prize

Jackpot Prize

MacBook Air | Apple M1 + R10k Cash

Jackpot Prize: Here's how many tokens you need to
match in order to WIN this awesome "MacBook Air +
R10k Cash" Prize Giveaway (Logon your App for more
details about this prize):
(1). Match 5 Platinum Coins
(2). Reach 100% in Gold Coins
(3). Match 5 Silver Coins
(4). Match 2 Bronze Coins
Step 1: Download Token Hunt APP on “Google Play” or
“Apple Store” and register. (Check your e-mails to
confirm registration).
Step 2: Login and Claim this special Code 1 0 1 1 1 5 (this
will qualify you entry into all our inApp prizes including
the jackpot prize).
Step 3: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
and hunt more tokens on our timeline. (hunts are
posted daily on our social media platforms).
Step 4: Join Token Hunt WhatsApp line at: +27 61 495 5369 to hunt on your WhatsApp status and by claiming your Code Hunts.
Step 5: Hunt on your token hunt app through "inApp Notifications" by hunting on brands.
Please Note: tokens awarded through inApp Notifications are based on “first come, first serve”. This means when you receive an inApp
Notification you need to log in immediately and claim the tokens before anyone else do. You can also hunt tokens by means of visiting
participating Stores/Brands and purchase participating products or services. Log on the Token Hunt App to locate stores near you that
offers token hunts. If you cant find any store on your APP, all you need to do is Tweet, Instagram or Facebook the name of your favorite
Store/Brand + Shopping Mall followed by #tokenhunt. E.g. @Game @MallOfAfrica #tokenhunt. (NB: you can do this to as many
stores/brands as possible).
** Please remember to register on our WhatsApp Line by sending us your email address to this whatsapp number: +27 61 495 5369.


Thank you for participating and Good Luck!!


 (Ts & Cs Apply!)

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