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Last Updated: 04/01/2022

About Token Hunt™

Token Hunt™ is a shopping gamification app that let you earn VALUE TOKENS (cash-tokens) and WIN highly valued prizes when you buy from participating brands/stores/malls.


Spend your money in any of our participating brands/stores/malls to earn value tokens.


Save tokens and Convert to cash to buy shopping vouchers or get discounts on you next purchases.


Redeem tokens to claim highly valued prizes ranging from. e.g. Brand New Car, Flight Tickets, Groceries, Airtime/Data etc. 

  • In-App Promos

    Login and view in-App promos and collect free tokens on the screen.

  • Ad Quiz

    Tab on the Quiz icon and answer a quiz about the promo you are viewing and earn free tokens.

  • Barcode Scan

    Visit participating brands/stores/malls, scan bar-code of participating products/services and earn free tokens.

  • QR Code Scan

    Visit participating brands/stores/malls, Scan QR Code of participating products/services and earn free tokens.

  • Check-In Location

    Visiting participating stores/brands/malls, Check-In your Locations and earn free tokens.

  • Claim Code

    Logon your app, type in your Voucher Code and earn free tokens.

  • Token eWallet

    Convert your tokens into cash and buy vouchers from any of your favorite participating stores/brands/mall.

  • Vouchers

    Redeem Vouchers at any of our participating stores/brands/malls to get a discount on your purchase.


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